Meri Boshkoska

Associate professor
Faculty of Economics - Prilep

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 10th November 11:00 - 13:00
  • The international cooperation is one of the strategic priorities of the Faculty of Economics - Prilep. The achievement of higher level of openness and communication with the higher education and scientific institutions from abroad is an integral component of the overall operation of the Faculty since its establishment. The fundamental postulates in the field of international cooperation are establishing free flow of ideas, sharing the experiences and achievements with foreign higher education institutions and knowledge exchange and promoting the intercultural dimension of the education and science.

    The international cooperation, to the present, incorporates a wide range of activities conducted in the area of teaching and learning process, project collaboration and scientific research work.

  • The academic staff of the Faculty has participated in large number of projects of the TEMPUS programme whose main goal is implementing reforms in the higher education. The Faculty of Economics - Prilep was a coordinator in part of these projects and in some was a partner institution together with other institutions from the South-eastern European region as well as from the European Union.
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Proposing a project

Women's entrepreneurship development programme

The project will result in the development of personal knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen the capacities of women to undertake entrepreneurial activities in certain businesses.
The structure of the project activities relates to the following:
- Structuring of a regional center for entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep
- Entrepreneurial Development Training Programa in specialized areas, such as:
- Innovation and development of ideas
- Understanding of a business environment and discovering new market opportunities
- Discovering new financial sources for SMEs
- How to start a new business
- Development of a business plan
- Improvement of employee' skills

Keywords: women in businesswomen entrepreneurshipproject proposalSMEs