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DescriptionThe IPMD team is focused on developing a better and more sustainable future together using the relationship with its partners, affiliates and professional and CSO networks. IPMD partners with entities from the public and private sector supporting sustainable practices and institutional growth with project planning and management, expertise, training, innovation, research, analysis, developing policies and strategy planning and implementation. One of our areas of expertise are: Area for improvement of the environment, safety and security, architecture and construction and protection of biodiversity and stimulation of sustainable development (Promotion of the environment, ecology, as well as protection and use of natural resources. Promotion and sustainability of spatial and urban planning, as well as sustainable architecture and construction technology and environment. Promoting safety and security. Promoting sustainable economic aspects in the given area.) and Area for improvement of economic policies (Quality analysis and implementation of sustainable economic policies and contribution to economic growth and development. Regulation and promotion of employment and labor market policies for all citizens, with special emphasis on marginalized groups. Education and promotion of financial literacy).
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Proposing a project


The proposal of the project is about implementation of the drone and its technology in order to upgrade the construction technology and site health and safety as well. Here are the main benefits of Drones usage as construction technology:
The drones can be used for quickly to survey the site and build maps. Instead using human resources, heavy machinery and expensive surveying tools, with the usage of the drones the job is done in half the time and money and with greater accuracy. Also the drones in construction can make the date collection much simpler. Information that is required can uploaded fast and it can be accessed immediately.
Drones can reach high-risk areas and locations that are quite a bit harder to reach with a human crew.
A 3D laser scanners can be adjusted and quality images of what the terrain appears like can be given. Later, it can be used in GIS mapping.
On site, the main objective of workers is to be efficient. Using the drone for monitoring progress, work, and safety standards can save time, energy and money. Drone-collected data can be just as good at protecting construction workers as it is at monitoring their work. High risk and important jobs, such as inspecting scaffolding and cranes, can be done by the drone, thus delivering huge safety upgrades. It can also beam real-time monitoring of moving cranes and active excavation areas into a control room, which not only enhances site inductions and decision making but, reduces identified risks.
Drones in construction can do a tremendous job at a location that is too dangerous for a worker to get to, and can save lives by monitoring workplace conditions in areas that are very hard to reach. Accidents and injuries are the main items that managers are looking to prevent. The use of drones can improve safety. They can be adjusted with sensors for avoiding collisions, air quality detector and thermal visualization ability for thermal inefficiency.
When a structure begins to deteriorate, the traditional ways of being inspected can involve climbing up onto the roof, and other parts of the structure using scaffolding or a harness. The element of time-saving is one that drones really make a difference here. Images captured during the inspection are very easy to use in modeling.
When we speak of inspection of new construction and structures, deferential GPS for detecting flows in construction can be attached to it and later data can be analyzed. The use of 3d visualization can drastically aid those who are looking to check the reach of a crane with construction drones.
For clients who want to stay away from site or cannot afford to come, the drones are affective way to show the progress of building or inspection.
Having the ability to prevent any causalities, identifying off track parts of the project, monitoring the sites and many more information and things to control, it is difficult to handle. The usage of the drone allows real time, detailed control of the project.
Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery & expensive surveying tools that produce complex data, the drone can get the job done in half the time & money, with greater accuracy. The drone construction application can change and shape the standards, the technology and business as well.