Aleksandra Arsikj


Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 10th November 13:30 - 15:30

Cultus is a web page – blog promoting education. It is established in 2013. Ever since then it is promoting education and e-learning by announcing blog posts from the learning communities.


During the years of its existence, a necessity to diversify and increase the content from this industry has risen. This comes out from a simple reason that everybody, who needs to find information about education online needs to find it in one place, and not at different aggregators, e-learning blogs, or online courses platforms.


With the transferring the content of www.onlinecultus.com , i.e. Cultus, to the new address learners.newsLearners, the new web page will be created. This new web page will have the blog segment, as well as the other useful information is taken over from Cultus, but will expand and increase the content and the quality of data.


The first step is the rss aggregation of news from e-learning industry. With placing the plug-ins for this purpose, and obtaining approval from the rss feed web page, Learners will grow into influential, relevant place for e-learning news accessible online. In parallel with the rss e-learning news, Learners plans to develop affiliate programs sales, for a product that can be purchased or downloaded from the pages of Learners. The content for this program will include online courses, online books and learning materials, as well as e-learning application.


With all these content incorporated on the pages of Learners, the web page will grow into relevant and informative online hub for e-learning, available for everyone who is interested in e-learning news, trends and content.


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CitySkopje, Bulevar Jane Sandanski 90, 3/8 Google map
Proposing a project

E-learning hub

Establishing rss news generator for e-learning industry with data base of online learning opportunities.Business plan ready for implementation.

Keywords: RSSeLearningapp
Cooperation Requested
  1. ICT applications
  2. Information processing, information systems